25 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Couldn't Hide Their Love for Each Other

Michele Zipp | Aug 25, 2015 Celebrities

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are so in love! It's been evident since the beginning when Kate Middleton and Prince William started dating over a decade ago. They were young and in love, and now after four years of marriage and two kids (so far), they still have such sweetness between them. The looks and glances, smiles and laughter -- it's all there. It might be just a tender touch, holding an umbrella to keep the other one dry, or an attentive ear -- or it's as bold as a hand on knee or kiss in public. It's very clear Kate and Will have a beautiful love, and these photos prove it.

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Obviously Will and Kate have chemistry. Why else would this duo have been together since university? We just get a little excited when we see the two of them show their adoration for each other in public. It's like being a fly on the wall of their relationship. (Or the next best thing!) And the sneaky gossip-hound parts of us can't help but like it! The duke and duchess always keep it classy -- no messy make-outs or lewd touching. But still they find a way to be affectionate that makes us say "awwwwwww." We love when people have a happy ending, and these two are proof that a happy ending is just the beginning of a happy marriage. 

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Take a look at these photos of the royal couple participating in some polite PDA -- we promise the Queen would approve. 

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