25 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Couldn't Hide Their Love for Each Other

Michele Zipp | Aug 25, 2015 Celebrities
25 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Couldn't Hide Their Love for Each Other
Image: James Whatling/Splash News

kate middleton prince william
James Whatling/Splash News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are so in love! It's been evident since the beginning when Kate Middleton and Prince William started dating over a decade ago. They were young and in love, and now after four years of marriage and two kids (so far), they still have such sweetness between them. The looks and glances, smiles and laughter -- it's all there. It might be just a tender touch, holding an umbrella to keep the other one dry, or an attentive ear -- or it's as bold as a hand on knee or kiss in public. It's very clear Kate and Will have a beautiful love, and these photos prove it.

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Obviously Will and Kate have chemistry. Why else would this duo have been together since university? We just get a little excited when we see the two of them show their adoration for each other in public. It's like being a fly on the wall of their relationship. (Or the next best thing!) And the sneaky gossip-hound parts of us can't help but like it! The duke and duchess always keep it classy -- no messy make-outs or lewd touching. But still they find a way to be affectionate that makes us say "awwwwwww." We love when people have a happy ending, and these two are proof that a happy ending is just the beginning of a happy marriage. 

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Take a look at these photos of the royal couple participating in some polite PDA -- we promise the Queen would approve. 

  • Sunny dispositions.

    kate middleton prince william wimbledon
    Splash News

    In one of their first outings after having Princess Charlotte, Kate and Will went to Wimbledon where they donned their dark shades and smiled adorably at each other.

  • Polo power.

    kate middleton prince william prince george polo match
    Splash News

    Prince William is all dressed for a charity Polo match, and look at the way Kate is checking him out. A man in uniform is always sexy -- Kate sure thinks so.

  • Leaning in.

    kate middleton prince william
    Splash News

    Body language says a lot about a couple -- and it's so sweet how these two lovebirds lean in to each other to talk. Kate's hand on Will's leg is extra affectionate.

  • Hand in hand.

    prince william kate middleton

    What a gorgeous couple! Will is so gentlemanly holding Kate's hand as they enter the gala. Kate lovingly eyes her prince.

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  • Always attentive.


    Image via XactpiX/Splash News

    These two are always attentive to each other even when out and about among crowds. Here they are at the Nets game with Jay Z and Beyonce and yet it could seem like it's just Will and Kate.

  • Under my umbrella.


    Image via Splash News

    The ever chivalrous Prince William holds the umbrella for his princess, but that's not only what's making my heart sing when looking at this photo. Look at the way he's looking at her -- eyes of love.

  • Equals.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    What I love about the relationship of this prince and princess is that they seem like equals. There is a lot of love, respect, and admiration between them.

  • Two of a kind.

    kate middleton prince william
    James Veysey/Camera Press/GoffPh/Splash News

    Even when they are at royal events, the prince and princess stay connected. I love this sweet moment between them.

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  • Staying connected.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Sure these two are concentrating on what's going on at the Commonwealth Games, but they are also staying connected to each other.

  • Just between them.

    kate middleton prince william
    Mirrorpix/Splash News

    It's not that these two are talking to each other -- it's the way they talk to each other. Leaning in, paying attention, talking about tennis (they are at a match) or whatever it is -- Kate and Wills are still in honeymoon phase.

  • Sweet affection.

    kate middleton prince william
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate is showing Will the perfect royal bits of affection -- a hand on shoulder is just about as sweet as a smooch.

  • Giggles.

    kate middleton prince william
    James Whatling/Splash News

    A couple who laughs together, stays together.

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  • Lots of laughter.

    kate middleton prince william

    Those smiles don't lie -- long live Will and Kate!

  • Pure love.

    kate middleton prince william
    James Whatling/Splash News

    These two probably spend a lot of time at boring events, but it seems like they make the best of it. Maybe, just maybe, Kate is whispering something a bit naughty to Will here. Just keeping things interesting.

  • Holding on.

    kate middleton prince william
    Matt Keeble/Splash News

    No only do they color coordinate, but they hold on to each other. So sweet!

  • Sealed with a kiss.

    WeirBros/Splash News

    This was the kiss heard 'round the world -- newlyweds. In love. Forever.

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  • Dance partners.

    kate middleton prince william tuvalu dancing
    James Whatling/Splash News

    Check out the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Tuvalu dancing with the local ladies at the Vaiku Falekaupule entertainment programme. Kate looks so proud of her man.

  • Romantic.

    kate middleton prince william
    James Whatling/Corbis/Pool/Splash News

    This looks like the moment before a kiss.

  • The eyes have it.

    kate middleton prince william
    Mirrorpix/Splash News

    When someone looks at someone else with eyes like this, it's love.

  • Secret smooch.

    kate middleton prince william kissing
    Splash News

    And they kissed. And kissed. And kissed. This almost feels like a photograph the duke and duchess didn't know was being snapped. She's giving Will an award for the polo match, and Will is quite thankful, giving her a whole lot of kisses.

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  • Pretzel Love

    kate middleton
    Retropix/Splash News

    Even when he's making a Bavarian pretzel, Kate is hot for her man. 

  • Hot Date Night

    kate middleton
    Retropix/Splash News

    Wills and Kate share a laugh while they're out and gussied up. So cute!

  • Sneaky Flirting

    kate middleton
    Pool/Reuters/Splash News

    Even when they're in front of a massive crowd, Will and Kate still look at each other googly-eyed. 

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  • Beautiful Moment

    kate middleton
    Splash News

    The duke and duchess were caught sharing a romantic moment in Berlin. 

  • Beautiful Moment II

    kate middleton
    Zak Hussein/Splash News

    But perhaps the sweetest stolen moment of all was in -- where else? -- Paris. Love!

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