Candis Cayne Says 'Really Good Friend' Caitlyn Jenner Is Not Her Type

Almost immediately following Caitlyn Jenner's "birth" via the most important Vanity Fair article of the year, people wanted to know whether she was involved in a new relationship. All fingers pointed at Candis Cayne, who finally opened up about Caitlyn and revealed just what's going on between them.


Speaking with Access Hollywood, Cayne, who has been transgender since she was 24, admitted she and Caitlyn are very close — but it's not what you think. The 65-year-old Olympian has said Cayne is "beautiful" and she even worried about choosing the right swimsuit to impress her, but it turns out theirs is not a romantic union.

Here's what Cayne had to say:

Caitlin and I are really good friends. I really love her a lot, and it's been amazing being by her side through this whole process.

She continued:

She's lived her whole life being transgender but never being able to do anything about it. That's just as hard as somebody like me, who at 24 decided that's what I wanted to do with my life in order to be okay with things. So I went through other struggles, but she did also.

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And, guess what, guys? Jenner isn't even Cayne's type. She says she has a crush on Jon Stewart — yes, she likes men.

The good news is that these two are solid partners — friends. Caitlyn will always have her support, which may be just what she needs right now, far more than a romantic relationship.


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