Kate Middleton's Last-Minute Wedding No-Show Has People Talking

When you're a member of the royal family, attending a high-profile wedding or event isn't always a choice — it's one of your duties. But Kate Middleton, who has reportedly skipped out on several nuptials and events since marrying Prince William in 2011, isn't following the rules, and folks are beginning to throw out wild theories about why she has been MIA.


Even though Will has reportedly attended at least five weddings without Kate since their own wedding, her latest no-show is really getting people talking. Kate and Will's good friends Bear Maclean and socialite Daisy Dickson got married this past weekend in Norfolk. Not only did the Duchess of Cambridge not decline the invite until the very last second (her name was apparently still on the seating plan at their reception), but she sent sister Pippa in her place as Will's date.

Will and Pippa reportedly stayed the night and joined guests the following day for lunch, which isn't crazy considering how the wedding locale was a bit far away from home, but still. Where was Kate? Why couldn't she secure a babysitter for one night to take care of Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

For your amusement, here's one theory about Kate: She's pregnant with baby #3. Interesting. If true, awesome — but, boy, that was quick.

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Here's another possibility, according to some: She's suffering from postnatal depression. It's not cool to even speculate about her health — if she actually is suffering from depression, she deserves nothing but empathy. But we have zero proof of this.

The third suggestion is that Kate is unfriendly and unsocial and has been fooling us all along by appearing sweet and lovely in public. Unless she's the greatest actress of all time, this is total nonsense.

Anyone who has two or more small children can easily understand what's going on here. Kate is exhausted. She's preoccupied with her children — their health, protection, and well-being — and her social life isn't her number one priority. Besides, I'm guessing these events are work for the royal couple. Lots of new moms take maternity leave — consider this time Kate's maternity leave. She has earned the right to relax as much as possible — when she isn't chasing after two small kids.


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