19 Embarrassing Scandals the Royal Family Will Never Live Down

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The British Royal Family appears to be the epitome of perfection with their mannered public appearances and polite and proper demeanor. But the truth is, behind closed palace doors, the royals are a family marked by scandals and secrets. Seriously, given all the headlines over the years, one would think that E!'s scripted drama The Royals isn't all that far off! 

But all the drama is part of what the world loves about the royals. Without it, the family wouldn't be nearly as intriguing or fun to follow, right? 

Of course, certain scandals have been more tearjerking or troubling than entertaining. Consider Princess Diana and Prince Charles' divorce and all of the trauma that occurred before the pair officially split. Her utterly tragic death. Prince Harry's outrageously offensive move on Halloween 2004. 

That said, there have been headline-making moments that got the entire royal crew all worked up, and in retrospect, perhaps they were jaw-dropping to the world of the '70s, '80s, or '90s, but today, they'd be consider NBD.  

Here, the most deliciously dramatic royal family scandals.