Prince Harry Is Coming Back to America: We've Got the Scoop

prince harryLadies, start your engines: The world's most eligible royal bachelor, Prince Harry, is planning a visit to the United States in the very near future -- October, to be exact! That's right, Harry is headed to Washington, DC, this fall, and for a noble reason, too.


Kensington Palace confirms that Harry will be coming to our nation's capital in late October to "attend events connected to the Invictus Games, the worldwide event for injured servicemen and women he helped to found."

Harry, who oversaw the inaugural Invictus Games last year in London, said he was inspired to start the event after attending the Colorado Warrior Games with British service members in Colorado Springs in 2013 (his last official visit to the United States). And of course, anything that supports veterans is a cause near and dear to Harry's heart, as the royal served 10 years in the British armed forces -- he even performed two operational tours of duty in Afghanistan! 

So, like we said, he's definitely making this visit for a noble reason -- and his last visit to the U.S. was clearly of the official, altruistic variety too. But does anybody remember another visit Harry made to the States back in 2012? One that resulted in certain incriminating photos of the prince having himself a good old naked party in Sin City? Yeah, because we haven't forgotten. (And probably never will!)

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Let's just hope Harry manages to avoid getting himself caught up in any similar scandals while he's in Washington, DC (another U.S. location with a reputation for attracting scandal). Not because we don't think Harry deserves to kick back and get a little freaky occasionally, but because if the prince keeps getting into trouble when he's in America, Kensington Palace is never gonna let him come over here again! It's like that friend you had as a kid whose mother wouldn't let him have playdates at your house after you let him eat too many chocolate chip cookies and he threw up. Totally not your fault -- the kid just couldn't control himself  -- but still. We want Harry to be able to come over and eat cookies whenever he wants!

Image via James Whatling / Splash News

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