Duggars Have a Doozy of an Idea for New Reality TV Show

Duggar family InstagramNot all reality is good for television, and if this news is true, it's pretty creepy. The rumor mill is swirling amid reports the Duggar family wants to counsel sex abuse victims in a new show they plan to pitch to TLC.


You don't have to have a PhD in pop culture to realize that's probably not a good idea, or one that would be acceptable for that matter. This move is allegedly in response to the upcoming TLC documentary Breaking the Silence, an uninterrupted, hour-long special that will shed light on the disturbing reality of child sex abuse -- and include an appearance from Jill and Jessa Duggar.

Trying to get back in front of the camera doesn't seem out of the ordinary for this family when you consider their reality show was their biggest paycheck. 19 Kids and Counting was highly popular on TLC and cost the clan over $19 million when it was finally canceled in July.

"The family can’t afford to not have the show -- it is their main source of income, and with a family of that size, without it they’re in enormous trouble," reports a "friend."

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As entertaining as the Duggars have been to so many, I highly doubt TLC would ever green-light a project considering the Duggars weren't forthcoming about the sexual abuse in their own family. Obviously no one wants to dredge up past hurt, but those in the court of public opinion believe there are more excuses than accountability. Quite a few people have issue with how Jim Bob and Michelle have publicly handled news of their son Josh's molesting young girls -- including his own sisters. Granted the events did happen many years ago, it would be safe to assume their credibility in helping others is shot considering they put locks on the girls' door as a safety precaution.

That probably isn't a great selling point to children suffering from abuse at the hands of a relative in their home.

Who knows if this is hearsay or something this family would like to see come to pass. One can only hope there is as much counseling going on in the background as there are appearances in front of the camera.

Would you watch a spin-off show that had Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar counseling sex abuse victims?


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