North West & Penelope Disick Dress as Mermaids While Meeting a Mermaid -- Holy Cuteness Overload (PHOTO)

penelope and northWe all love to see photos of Kim's and Kourtney Kardashian's kids. They're flat-out adorable. But, the photo Kim just posted of Penelope Disick and North West meeting a mermaid -- whilst dressed as tiny mermaids themselves -- totally takes the adorable cake as far as photos of these two go. Beyond!


Kim posted the photo Tuesday night while the family is unwinding from their hectic, stressful schedules in St. Barts. As you can see, the two girls -- and their little top knots! -- are standing right before an actual mermaid. Well, as "actual" as a mermaid can be. Oh, the cuteness!

Little mermaids ��

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

I can't take it! These girls look too cute! And it's so adorable that they've become such good friends. These little cuties are always together. How great for them that they're so close in age. 

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The Disick-West kids certainly get to do lots of fun things, but it's hard to imagine this can be topped any time soon. It's a mermaid, people! What little kid wouldn't be out of their mind to see one?

Glad to see Penelope is having fun right now, while her parents sort all of their drama out. Hopefully, she's not too aware of what's going on -- and if she is, I'm sure this mermaid was able to take her mind off of things. Love!


Image via Splash News

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