Kourtney Kardashian's New Bikini Pic Is So Hot We Couldn't Stop Staring If We Tried (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianWell, as far as bikini bodies go, it doesn't get much better than Kourtney Kardashian's. Kourtney posted a bikini shot to Instagram recently, and hooo m'lord, does she look incredible. Her abs couldn't be flatter if she tried!


Kourtney, who's currently in St. Barts with her family, posed with her arms above her head, and wrote the caption, "Troop Beverly Hills." How a tummy like this is possible after three kids is beyond me, yo. 

Troop Beverly Hills.

A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on

This could be the best Kourtney has looked, well, ever. And baby Reign isn't even a year yet! If I were a betting woman, I'd say the single life suits Kourtney well. Too bad for you, Scott.

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Kourt likely is exercising and eating healthy these days, but if I had to guess, I'd say the majority of her weight loss (not that she needed to lose any!) has to do with breaking things off with Scott. Their relationship just wasn't healthy, and now that they've part ways, Kourtney seems to be reemerging a stronger, healthier version of herself -- both physically and mentally. 

I know everyone has been saying this ad nauseam, but I'll add to the peanut gallery: Scott, you messed up big time. Anyone who would cheat on a woman like this is nuts. Disick, y'burnt.


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

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