Jenifer Love Hewitt 'Can’t Hardly Wait' for Reunion Sequel -- But We Sure Can

Seventeen years after her teen party flick hit theaters, Jennifer Love Hewitt wants a sequel for Can't Hardly Wait. She played dream girl Amanda Beckett in the movie, which is basically about a giant house party at the end of senior year.


Don't get me wrong, as a teen in the late nineties, I loved this movie as much as any other high schooler who could only dream of having dozens of admirers, and finally finding that one guy who would treasure you above all else. But the idea of a grown-up sequel for Can't Hardly Wait seems sadder than weakly spiked punch at a high school reunion.

The plot focused around Amanda's breakup with jock Mike Dexter (Peter Facinelli), and the boy with the life-long crush on her, Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry). Seth Green, Lauren Ambrose, and Jaime Pressly also costarred.

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Last weekend the Criminal Minds actress attended a Cinespia screening of the movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and tweeted to nearly a million of her followers that she wanted to do a reunion show.

She also said that she was "proud" to be a part of the 1998 movie.

It's great that she's proud of her body of work, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a hankering all of a sudden to dust off my VHS copy of Can't Hardly Wait and borrow a VCR from my parents to watch it. But let's just leave it as it is in all its nostalgic glory.


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