Jon Stewart Goes From 'The Daily Show' to the WWE (Um, What?!)

jon stewartLooks like Jon Stewart is wasting no time getting back to work following the end of his 16 years as host of The Daily Show -- but his first post "retirement" gig might be the last thing you would have expected to see him do: Stewart will be hosting WWE's 2015 SummerSlam this Sunday!


We know what you're thinking: Wait, Jon Stewart is hosting one of the most testosterone-heavy, non-intellectual events imaginable? How will he ever manage to squeeze in any of his trademark witty political jabs? But faithful viewers of The Daily Show know Stewart is a lifelong wrestling fan -- he even had a highly publicized "feud" with WWE world heavyweight champion Seth Rollins -- so it sort of makes sense that Stewart would use his long-overdue free time to fulfill what was probably a childhood fantasy. (Well, his actual childhood fantasy probably involved being a wrestler, but close enough.) 

Besides, we have no doubt that Stewart will do an amazing job as SummerSlam host -- in fact, he'll probably even make the whole thing tolerable for non-wrestling fans, so the WWE will probably end up bringing in even more viewers than usual this year. I mean, when it comes right down to it, I'd watch Jon Stewart host a bingo game at a nursing home, so any time Stewart is on the screen is a good time. 

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That said, there are about a zillion other things I'd rather see Jon Stewart do. Aren't there any awards shows in need of hosting in the next month or so? Any celebs in need of roasting? Or how about a string of guest appearances? I'd love to see Jon making a series of TV cameos: A creepy bellhop on American Horror Story: Hotel. A zombie on The Walking Dead. A white walker on Game of Thrones

The possibilities are endless, Jon! And most of them don't involve wrestling. You know, not that there's anything wrong with wrestling. Just sayin'!

Image via PG / Splash News

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