Kylie Jenner & Kim Kardashian Might Land a Shared 'Playboy' Cover

Kim Kardashian Kylie JennerOh world, what have you come to? Really, I'd love to know. According to reports, Playboy wants Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner to pose for their mag. Together. And, even crazier? It's "highly possible." Aye aye aye. 


An insider told the always super-reliable Hollywood Life, "Having Kim and Kylie TOGETHER on the cover of Playboy would be an absolute dream. Big sis, little sis. Something classy, some black-and-white pics. The idea of Kendall and Kylie was up in the air, but because [of] her modeling career it’s quite obvious Kendall would be a no-go. Having the sisters Kim and Kylie is highly possible."

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And, there's yet another twist to this story! If Playboy had to choose, the mag would pick Kylie over Kim! Ouch! "If it came down to it, Playboy would go with Kylie over Kim. No doubt about it. She’s more relevant." Damn yo. I don't think Kim would be happy to hear that. However, she has already posed for the mag before. It's Kylie's time to, um, shine.

To be completely honest, I could do without a Kylie Jenner photo spread in Playboy. I'm sure the photos will be nice, as Kylie's bod is bangin', but isn't there something to be said about a little mystique? Her Instagram photos are revealing enough. Leave a little something for our imaginations, girl. Just a suggestion. 


Image via Splash News

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