Lady Gaga Shows Her 'American Horror Story' Castmates a Bloody Good Time (PHOTOS)

lady gagaAin't no party like a Lady Gaga party 'cause a Lady Gaga party is super creepy (and super fabulous)! At least that's what the bash Gaga threw for her fellow American Horror Story: Hotel cast members was like -- and when we say "super creepy," we're talking "pool filled with blood" creepy!


Well, to be fair, the pool wasn't filled with legitimate plasma -- Gaga just had the water dyed blood red -- but still. The pic Lady Gaga posted is pretty spectacularly ghoulish. And her caption says it all: 

"A bloody pool for the cast, sorry #AHSfans, there's few pictures. At my parties, killer friends have more fun, when no evidence is left behind."

Can't you just see Gaga throwing her head back for one of those evil villain laughs whilst typing?? Spooooooky. Check it out:

Oddly gorgeous. (But I wonder if anybody's bathing suit got stained red? Hope there was a warning to wear only black bikinis!)

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Meanwhile, back on dry land, Gaga was looking pretty deliciously evil herself (sans blood):

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Even AHS creator Ryan Murphy was blown away by the party, as he expressed on Twitter (where cast member Sarah Paulson immediately chimed in):

Honestly, these pics don't make me want to watch American Horror Story: Hotel -- they make me want to join the cast of American Horror Story: Hotel. And they also prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Lady Gaga 100 percent belongs on the show. (Was there even a shadow of a doubt? I don't think so.) She oozes gothic drama on her most low-key of days, and knows how to step it up a zillion notches when necessary. Another sign that she's clearly in her element here: All of the AHS vets seem really stoked to have her on board. (Of course, inviting them all over for an insane party probably didn't hurt!)


Image via Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash News

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