Kylie Jenner Professes Her Love for Tyga By Getting a New Tattoo (PHOTO)

kylie jennerWell, what do we have here? Looks like Kylie Jenner just got inked! But, of course, it's not just any ol' tattoo -- it's one with special meaning. Recently, Kylie was seen sporting a tattoo on the back of her arm -- a tiny red heart that's almost impossible to notice. And guess who it's for?


The tat was spotted recently when Kylie was continuing her 18th birthday celebration tour in Montreal, and evidently, the ink is a nod to her boyfriend, Tyga. According to a source, "Kylie got her new heart tattoo to symbolize all the love in her life -- and obviously Tyga is a big part of that. He has her heart completely, so of course he was on her mind when she chose the design."

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The tattoo is cute. It's very small and tasteful -- the perfect choice for a person's first-ever tat. And can we all agree on the fact that Kylie was super smart not to get Tyga's name inked on her body? Having a heart that's a shout-out to him is one thing; getting his name permanently emblazoned on her flesh is quite another. 

While many of Kylie Jenner's decision leave a little something to be desired, I've gotta hand it to her when it comes to Tyga. She hasn't moved in with him; they're not engaged; and she's not getting his name tattooed on her body -- all smart moves if you ask me. 

If these two kids wind up making it for the long haul, good for them. But, on the other hand, if they don't, it'll much a much cleaner, much easier break. You know, just in case. 


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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