Heidi Klum Trumps Diss That She’s 'No Longer a 10' (VIDEO)

So you think you can tear down Heidi Klum? An older, big-mouthed, toupee-wearing presidential candidate who shall remain nameless (but I think we all know who I'm talking about) interrupted his New York Times interview to say, "Heidi Klum, sadly, she's no longer a 10." Klum's response was brilliant.


Let's step aside the question of what this insult is doing in the interview at all (like a giant steaming pile of horse excrement that's impossible to ignore) and jump to Klum's funny comeback. She could have just ignored the quip, and we would have respected her for that. But this is a woman with a wicked sense of humor. Maybe she also felt responsible for representing womankind and our resilience in the face of misogyny.

Klum posted a video on Twitter where she pretty much laughs it off.

My favorite part, aside from the carefree shrug and grin -- is #BeautyIsInTheEyeOfTheBeheld.

Klum has long stood out as someone with sincere joie de vivre and an unabashed kind of confidence. She is clearly in love with herself, and that love shows no sign of abating. Some may call it narcissism, but I think it's inspiring. Imagine what that must feel like! So empowering.

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Okay, it's probably not too hard to brim with confidence and joy when you look like Heidi Klum. But plenty of other gorgeous women waste their gifts on perfectionism and dysmorphic disorder. Heidi just seems to grin and say thank you for the legs for days

And this video response pretty much says it all. No longer a 10? Really? Eh, depends on who you ask -- and if you ask Heidi, she definitely thinks she's still smokin'. No one's opinion of your hotness should matter to you as much as your own.


Image via  Richie Buxo / Splash News

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