Prince William Takes Pippa Middleton to a Wedding -- Where's Kate?

Kate Middleton has been criticized for keeping Prince William from attending social functions and having a social life because she reportedly feels they should both be home with their children. But royal duties are royal duties, and rather than attend a major event solo, Will reportedly brought Pippa Middleton with him as a guest at a big wedding in South Devon over the weekend.


A socialite named Daisy Dickson and estate agent Bear Maclean are part of Kate and Will's inner circle of friends, so the couple reportedly expected the Duchess of Cambridge to attend their wedding this past weekend. Not only was Kate a no-show, but she made the decision not to attend so late in the game that her name was still on the seating plan at the reception.

Now, I should mention this latest report totally conflicts with an earlier account by the same source that Kate did attend Bear and Daisy's wedding with Will -- even though there are no photos of the couple there to prove it.

The story now is that younger sister Pippa reportedly attended the festivities with Will in Kate's place, and an excuse for her sister's absence wasn't provided. As you can imagine, everyone at the wedding couldn't stop talking about Kate the next morning at breakfast and Will and Pippa probably complicated matters by staying in the seaside resort the day and night after the wedding.

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From what it sounds like, no one is shocked that Kate missed the wedding because it's just one of many weddings and social events -- including the christening of Zara Phillips's daughter -- she has skipped out on since becoming a mom. At the same time, people will talk and my guess is that jealous folks will want to find a deeper meaning behind Will's solo excursions, when the real reason could simply be that she is exhausted caring for a toddler and infant.

In general, we have little patience and empathy for new moms. We're expected to jump back into our old clothing and old habits weeks after giving birth. Give Kate a break and allow her to settle into life with two very small children before giving her a hard time for missing a few of the hundreds (it seems) of weddings and events she and Will are invited to each month.


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