Shannon Beador Has a Bizarre Way of Not Ruining Someone's Birthday

Perhaps Real Housewives of Orange County's Shannon Beador was simply following Tamra Judge's plan of putting everything said between cast members out in the open when she attempted to tell pal Vicki Gunvalson about what the ladies had to say about Brooks Ayers. But, boy, did that backfire.


Let me preface this by saying that by now every Housewife should know that bringing a psychic into the mix on these shows is a recipe for disaster. So when Tamra's spirit guide told her, Heathrow Dubrow, and Meghan King Edmonds that he wasn't quite feeling Brooks's cancer, anyone with any knowledge of the franchise's history knew this was going to go south real fast.

Sure, Meghan was way too open when relaying what was said about Brooks to Shannon, but it hardly seemed like she was saying anything Tamra and Heather weren't already thinking about the legitimacy regarding his health. And for women who pride themselves on putting everything out on the table, they should hardly be ones to cast stones.

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So when Shannon took this nugget of gossip to Brooks's birthday dinner and attempted to tell Vicki about it -- what was she thinking? She kept reiterating she didn't want to ruin the night, yet was desperate to release the kraken and thrown Meghan under the bus. Tamra and Heather weren't exactly validating Brooks either, Shannon.

I was actually proud of Vicki for storming out of the restaurant and telling Shannon to shove it. Even if she was well-intentioned (and that's still in question), it was not the time or the place to share this information.


Image via Paul Drinkwater/Bravo

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