Meghan Edmonds Repeats Psychic's Claim That Brooks Ayers Does Not Have Cancer (How Dare She!)

What the heck? It looks like it's drama central once again over at the Real Housewives of Orange County, this time as Meghan Edmonds accuses Brooks Ayers of making up his cancer. And you won't believe her "proof" -- she claims to believe the psychic who told the cast that Vicki Gunvalson's on-again, off-again boyfriend made the whole thing up.


Edmonds told E! News, "I'm the one who says what the psychic said and there's a lot of fallout from that." She continued about Monday night's episode, "I've been waiting for this episode since we wrapped filming. I think there's going to be a lot of strong opinions both ways."

She also said, "I have my own suspicions and therefore somewhat of a conclusion ... At the same time, I've been really affected by cancer and that's why I think I feel so strongly about this, because I see how cancer can rock everyone's world. Not just close relatives, but everybody."

Her husband's ex-wife LeAnn Edmonds Horton passed away recently after battling cancer, and she's led fund-raisers to raise money for cancer research, so you'd think that she'd be more compassionate to those struggling with their own battles.

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If Ayers is making this up, that's a super terrible thing to do, but accusing someone of being such an attention-seeker that they'd make up their own cancer is its own sort of awful.

Even with her outspoken opinions on the state of Ayers's health, Meghan isn't afraid of her first reunion show. "I feel confident that I can own anything that comes out of my mouth," she said. "I'm happy to apologize and learn from my mistakes but at the same time, I'm not going to defend something if I think I'm wrong. If I do think I'm right, I'm happy to defend myself."

It will be interesting to see if she ends up eating her words about Brooks or not!


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