Kate Middleton & Prince William's Attendance at Wedding Causes Quite a Royal Stir

Apparently friends of the royal couple were bowled over this weekend when Prince William and Kate Middleton showed up to a wedding ... together!


Since the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, folks have rarely seen Kate at any society functions, since she's been staying home to tend to the kids while Wills marches on to send his regards for the both of them.

It sounds like a pretty standard scenario to me. My kids are 5 and 3 and I feel like we still tend to send a "representative" to social gatherings or important occasions. Babysitters don't come cheap!

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The lucky bride and groom who were graced by both Kate's and William's presence are Bear Maclaine, described as "an upmarket estate agent and amateur boxer," and Daisy Dickson, simply known as a socialite.

The Daily Mail asserts that William hasn't been socializing much lately at the request of Kate, who wants him home for family time. Can you blame her? I mean, the man has a full-time job flying ambulance helicopters and has royal duties to attend to ... it's not like there's a whole lot of time for partying it up these days.

But man, can you even imagine being a guest at that wedding and having the pleasure of rubbing elbows with one of the world's most fabulous couples? Hmm. Wonder if Kate indulged in a piece of cake? Or if the two of them cut a rug on the dance floor? Oh who cares -- simply being in the same room with them had to be a thrill for the ages!


Image via Splash News

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