Prince William's Social Life Is Ruined & It's All Kate Middleton's Fault

Before they had children, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent a lot of time at events — and were known for having a pretty killer social life. But sources say Kate Middleton is forcing Prince William to rein in his social life since having children because she thinks their time would be better spent with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


Will has made a few funny comments to the press in recent months about how he has to run decisions "by the missus" and see if he can "get away with" doing things like allowing 2-year-old George to play soccer when he gets older. We're used to hearing men joke about their wives wearing the pants in the family, so most of us don't think much about these statements.

But, apparently, Kate wields far more power than we even imagined. Sources say the royal couple's friends believe Will has sacrificed his social life because the duchess feels any free time they have should be spent with their young children. They say Kate and Will attended dozens of weddings prior to their engagement, but that Kate has only appeared at two since they've been married and that Will has only attended five weddings.

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The straw that broke the camel's back, according to sources, was when Will reportedly knocked out part of his tooth while attending the wedding reception of a friend by himself. Kate was reportedly not amused when he came home and began demanding that he turn down invitations from friends, some of whom say it has been "ages" since they hung out with Will and that Kate is the reason for it.

If this is true, I think we have to remember that a lot of new parents feel overwhelmed in the first few years of their children's lives — especially when they go from one child to two, which can be extremely stressful. Will's new job with the East Anglian Air Ambulance takes him away from home for a big chunk of the week, and it makes sense that Kate would want his support when he is at home.

Will's friends should take a deep breath and realize this is probably just temporary. Once their children get a bit bigger (assuming Kate doesn't become pregnant again right away), they'll feel much more at ease leaving them with a nanny to attend more functions. Partying simply isn't Kate's priority right now.


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