Orlando Bloom Is Making All Your Pirate-Themed Fantasies Come True

orlando bloomIf you've been feeling less than psyched about the prospect of yet another Pirates of the Caribbean installment, the following news might change your mind: Orlando Bloom will definitely be reprising his role as Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales!


The announcement was made to much cheering and applause at Disney's D23 Expo over the weekend, and with good reason -- fans have seen precious little of Bloom in recent years (unless they happened to be really into the Hobbit movies). Naturally everybody was already pretty excited because Johnny Depp was there, too, but still. Not only that, but he was all dressed up as Jack Sparrow, acting drunk and throwing grapes at the audience! He even referred to himself as a Disney "lesion." (Hmmm, was Johnny Depp acting drunk, or was he really drunk? 'Cause everybody remembers his epically sloppy, exceedingly inebriated awards show speech, right? K, just checking.)

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Anyway, there's no question that Depp and Bloom have amazing chemistry in the Pirates moves, which is mainly why we're happy to hear Will Turner is back in the picture. Also returning for the fifth Pirates flick will be Geoffrey Rush as Captain Barbossa -- but no word yet on whether or not Keira Knightley will be joining her one-time costars. Come on, Keira! You don't want to miss out on this party! Think of all the grapes just waiting to be thrown! (And all the Orlando Blooms waiting to be kissed!)

Image via Rudy Torres/Image Press

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