Kim Kardashian Takes Pregnancy Style to the 'Max' in Bump-Hugging Fashions (PHOTOS)

kim kardashianBump alert! Kim Kardashian is clearly having a Very Maxi Dress Pregnancy the second time around, as she proved on Twitter with a photo from her lunch with Norwegian fashion designer Peter Dundas that managed to show off both her growing belly and her sense of humor. 


After a day spent with the new creative director of Roberto Cavalli, Kim posted an adorable pic of the pair with the caption "Lunch for 3." And right she is! That little boy is getting bigger by the day, and he needs him some lunch too! Check it out:


Yup, that's a hungry baby in there! And, like I said, Kim is definitely all about the maxi dresses this time around -- in neutral colors, preferably. See, here she is in a beige maxi dress carrying North:

kim kardashian

And here she is in a very pale gray maxi dress:

kim kardashian

Aaaaaannnd an all-black maxi dress ensemble:

kim karsashian

I feel like if you opened up Kim's closet right now, it would just be like, maxi dresses and trench coats as far as the eye can see.

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And hey, I get it! Maxi dresses were always one of my faves when I was pregnant, too -- no waistband! So comfy!! Except that they can definitely make a pregnant rear look a little too wide, which is why Kim's trench coat addition is so brilliant. (Wish I'd thought of that, damn!)

Wonder which color maxi dress Kim's gonna wear next?? Eggshell? Army green? Taupe?? I can't wait to see!


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram; Photographer Group / Splash News; MAP / Splash News; Photographer Group / Splash News

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