Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Take Another 'Magical' Family Vacation (PHOTO)

ben and jenAre Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner having the most amicable divorce ever? (Or, to put it more bluntly, is Garner a saint?) Because the two were spotted this weekend with their kids at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando -- celebrating Ben Affleck's 43rd birthday, no less!


With Affleck's mom Christine in tow, the estranged couple flew from Atlanta, Georgia (where Garner has been living with the kids while filming the movie Miracles from Heaven) to Orlando on Saturday for a fun-filled (?) family outing to Universal Studios -- much to the surprise of all the other, non-celeb tourists at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As one Twitter user put it:

That's pretty much exactly how I would feel if I saw Jennifer Garner shopping for souvenir Dumbledore hats right next to me -- especially if alleged nanny-loving soon-to-be ex-husband Ben Affleck was chugging a butterbeer in the very same store! 

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Meanwhile, another taken-by-surprise fan tweeted a Snapchat of the couple -- which, even though it's sort of dark and muddy, is definitely evidence of their awkward family vacay:

Love that hat, Jen! Great for protection from the sun AND prying paps (but not Snapchat users, apparently). Anyway, as odd as it seems that Jen would agree to a big amusement park outing to celebrate the birthday of the man who allegedly cheated on her with the nanny, I'm guessing this is a trip the family had planned for quite some time, and Jen and Ben probably didn't want to disappoint the kids. After all, as any parent can tell you, birthdays are a huge deal to kids (even when it's not their birthday that's being celebrated) -- and, as we've said before, Garner and Affleck have made it very clear that their main commitment right now is to co-parenting their kids and helping them to feel as safe and secure as possible during this difficult time. Which is definitely admirable, even if it's probably kind of hard on them (or at least Jen). 

If only Harry Potter had a magic spell that could fix marriages ...


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