Amy Schumer Crashes Wedding & Partakes in Epic Irish Singalong (VIDEO)

amy schumer wedding crasherIf you had to make a list of celebrities you would want to attend your wedding, the very funny Amy Schumer would be at the top for many people. Luckily for Eithne McAdams and J.P. Swine, Amy was in Ireland promoting Trainwreck. While enjoying their reception at Gorgans Pub in Dublin, the couple got quite a surprise -- Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow crashed their wedding and sang Irish songs with them. Glen Hansard was there, too. 


Check out the video below:

Sing along with celeb friends

Posted by Pamela Kavanagh on Friday, August 14, 2015

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Tilting your head for this is totally worth it. Wedding guest Pamela Kavanaugh posted the video.

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Yep, that is Once star Glen Hansard on guitar leading the song. That pub sounds like it is the place to be! Amy did her best to sing "The Auld Triangle," and even though there were stars on hand, that bride shined brighter than anyone. I love how Amy took breaks to sip her pint of Guinness. And there was a LOT of Guinness flowing.

Now that's a party -- Irish style!

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I need to know everything. Did the party continue? Did Amy catch the bouquet? How many pints were consumed? I hope the official wedding photographer got plenty of pics as well. What a day!

It also goes to show how cool Amy is. She didn't have to hang out. She could have quietly exited out the back door and headed to another pub. But she didn't. Pints up to Amy Schumer! Oh ... yeah ... Hansard and Apatow, too.


Image via Pamela Kavanaugh / Facebook

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