Madonna's Sexy Throwback Photo With Sean Penn Sends Very Suggestive Message

madonnaWhen it comes to controversy, all things sexy and daring and rebellious, Madonna is where it's at -- always. And when she posted a old photo of her ex-husband Sean Penn kissing her on Instagram (with a nod to his upcoming birthday), I couldn't help but think ... oh my goodness ... are they?! Could it be?!


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While Madge did post this for Flashback Friday (and many of us do some digging of old photos in honor of that day of the week), her choice of sharing one of her ex is quite curious. Penn is recently single (that breakup with Charlize Theron really made me frown), and to choose a photo of a kiss? Well, that's very suggestive. Typical Madonna, yes, but still. What is going on here?

She's also calling out Sean's upcoming birthday on August 17 (Madonna's is the 16th). And her choice of words are really making me wonder. "Its almost our birthdays! 2 Leo's love #rebelhearts."

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The use of "our" feels so personal when paired with a sultry photo. My goodness they were a HOT couple. This was taken in 1988 during their marriage which ended the following year. The two tied the knot in 1985. Rebel Heart is the name of Madonna's latest album, but tying it in with this image of her and Sean ... well, it leads me to think that he's heavily on her mind. Maybe she's tired of dating those 20-something guys and is longing for the days of old when she was with Sean. True blue, baby.


Image via madonna/Instagram

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