Jessica Alba 'Loved' Getting Carded Because She Looks So Young (And We Don't Blame Her!)

jessica albaGetting carded when you're a kid: major bummer. Getting carded when you're over 30: major ego boost! That's what 34-year-old Jessica Alba discovered when she was carded during a recent night out in L.A. with her husband, 36-year-old Cash Warren, and a couple of friends. 


According to a "witness," Alba was hanging out at Korean eatery Chosun Galbee when she decided to order a drink, as adults often do when they're out for Korean food, or any other kind of food. That's when she ran into a bit of a snag:

"When she ordered something to drink, the server asked to see her ID," said the witness. "And nobody else was asked for theirs. She totally loved it!"

Well, who wouldn't?? Especially because Alba was reportedly pretty bummed when she hit the big 3-0.

"I was really sad when I turned 30," she told Us Weekly in April. "I still wanted to party like a rock star."

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Hmm. I'm not sure rock stars get carded as a matter of course, but the point is, Alba is less than psyched about the whole aging process, and there's nothing like getting carded when you're way past the legal drinking age to make you feel like you're pulling one over on old Father Time. Added a "pal" of the star, "She loves being told how young she looks! And she uses all of her own products so it’s an extra compliment to her."

Jessica Alba: Walking advertisement for herself. (Although I'd have to say that good genes probably play a role here, too. I mean, I'm sure The Honest Company products are amazing, but they're not magic!) Clearly motherhood agrees with Alba -- maybe she can credit Honor, 7, and Haven, 4, with keeping her young! 

If only all of us moms were so lucky!


Image via Splash News

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