Kim Kardashian & Rob Kardashian Might Be Making Peace at Last

kim kardashian, rob kardashianCould Kim Kardashian and her little brother Rob finally be patching up their notoriously strained relationship? After months of trading insults via social media and the press, the reality star siblings are apparently spending some quality time together at last, as Kim tweeted on Friday.


According to Kim's tweet, Mrs. West and her sock-designer bro had a bonding moment in the great outdoors yesterday by going on a hike -- and a challenging hike, at that:

Wow! This is definitely not something I saw coming, not after Rob compared Kim to the murderous main character in Gone Girl on social media and Kim made all those cracks about Rob being a lazy, video game–loving stoner in the press. And of course, as KUWTK fans know, Kim has been critical of Rob's many false career starts and relationship failures for years (Rob, for his part, has always been more than ready to swipe right back -- I definitely remember his calling her a "whore" at least once). 

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But Rob apparently had a great time on their hike, too, as he posted a screenshot of Kim's tweet on his Instagram with the caption "GOOD work gurrrrrrllllll!!"

Awwww. I don't know what sparked this reconciliation, but I think it's awesome! Who knows? Maybe Kim realized that ragging on Rob about his weight only makes him more likely to sit on the couch drowning his depression in junk food and that inviting him out for a joint cardio session is a far more productive, not to mention kind, approach. Plus, there's nothing like a nice walk outside to facilitate the kind of heart-to-heart conversations Kim and Rob need to have to truly repair their relationship. 

So here's hoping things are on the upswing for these siblings! Kim needs an uncle for those babies, especially since Scott is ... um, wherever the hell Scott is right now.


Image via STARPICZ / Splash News

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