Britney Spears's Playdate With Her Niece Makes Us Wish She Was Our Fun Aunt, Too (PHOTOS)

britney spearsWe've always known that Britney Spears was a super energetic, fun-loving mom -- but now we know that she's also a super energetic, fun-loving aunt! At least that's how it looks from the photos shared by the 33-year-old singer of her playdate with 4-year-old niece Lexie!


Spears -- the mom of two boys -- was clearly enjoying herself having what looked to be some much-needed girl time with Lexie (the daughter of her older brother, Bryan Spears). And we're not surprised: Spears spoke openly about how much she would love to have a daughter to PEOPLE magazine earlier this year, saying, "I would love a mini-me! That would be fun!"

Fun for her and fun for that potential mini-me, no doubt! Just look at Spears and Lexie posing for the camera in their too-cute outfits:

Feeling pretty, feeling summery, feeling pretty summery in our dresses ��

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Awww! Check out that caption: "Feeling pretty, feeling summery, feeling pretty summery in our dresses." See, Brit totally wants to play dress-up with a little girl! And even though the singer isn't currently dating anyone, I can't help but hope more kids are in the cards for the pop star. She's young, bubbly, and clearly loves to play -- just get a load of Brit and Lexie having a bubble bath:

Too freaking adorable! She's literally every little girl's dream aunt. You just know these guys went out shopping for sparkly shoes after this -- maybe they even stopped for some fluffy pink cupcakes. I wouldn't rule out an auntie/niece mani-pedi, either!

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Hey Brit, I know you're not my aunt (and technically I'm older than you), but if you ever want a surrogate niece to have a playdate with, I'm available!


Images via Britney Spears/Instagram

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