Kylie Jenner & Kris Jenner Wear Same Swimsuit: Who Wore It Better? (PHOTO)

kylie jennerLike mother, like daughter! Even though she may not always treat her mom in the nicest, most respectful way, Kylie Jenner clearly admires Kris Jenner's style. While vacationing in Mexico, Kylie rocked a vintage bathing suit of Kris's, and man, it really is hard to decide who wore it better! Check out the twinsies. 


The bathing suit Kylie swiped from her mom's closet is a bright pink, super-high-cut one-piece with the words "Body Glove" emblazoned on the chest. It could not be more '80s if it had crimped hair.

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Kris was quick to point out that her youngest daughter borrowed her suit in a cheeky Instagram photo. 

Both women look so gorgeous in the suit, but if I had to choose, I'd say Kris wore it better. I can't resist a white sun hat on vacation. Stunning. 

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To be completely honest, the most shocking thing about this is the fact that the bathing suit is still in such great shape -- and that Kris still even had this swimsuit! With all the clothes she has, you would think she would have culled her closet a little more. Guess it's a good thing she didn't!

Looking great, Kylie. And if anyone asks, you must tell them that you got it from your mama. Because clearly you did. 


Images via krisjenner/Instagram

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