The Truth About Michelle Duggar's 'Recent' Breakdown

Michelle Duggar and daughters InstagramBy now you've probably seen stories floating online about Michelle Duggar suffering from a breakdown because of son Josh's sexual molestation scandal. While a headline like this would make sense, it's just not true.


It would seem many took an article published by In Touch for face value and ran with it. After all, it's not hard to believe a mother would have a breakdown at the thought of her son molesting a bunch of girls -- including his own sisters. That would be enough to make any mom lose it.

Yes, Michelle Duggar did write an undated post titled "Note to Mothers" that discussed a meltdown she experienced in the wee hours of the morning. Yes, the former reality star explained how she felt overwhelmed and shouted to God, "LORD I NEED YOUR HELP, I can't do it all!" But did this all recently happen because 19 Kids and Counting got canceled -- I mean her sadness for her son's transgressions?

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The lie detector determined that was a lie.

In trying to put the pieces together it would seem this post on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page is to blame. Published on August 6, Michelle shares her story again, but notes it was written some time ago.

Hi all. This is Michelle and I wanted to share with you a special note I wrote to Mothers some time ago. Read it here:

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Thursday, August 6, 2015

Look, I'm not here to fight in the Duggars' corner or act like I never made a mistake. You'll have to judge whether or not the Duggars are receiving everything they deserve for yourself. It is important to report truth and this isn't it.

Certain outlets have already begun to backtrack about the Michelle Duggar post, while others continue to roll with it -- even receiving criticism for their actions. "Shame on you," writes one commenter. "That quote is from more than 15 years ago. Michelle expanded on that event in their first book."

It's OK if you don't care or do. At least you know what's what.


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