Good Thing Ben Affleck's Ex-Nanny Is Enjoying Her 15 Minutes of Fame Now -- Because It's Not Going to Last

Ever since former Affleck nanny Christine Ouzounian surfaced as the alleged other woman in their split we sure have been seeing an awful lot of her. Is she Affleck's kept woman? Or is she taking the tabloids -- and the rest of us -- for a ride?


Our saga begins with Ouzounian accompanying the Affleck family to the Bahamas. The couple were rumored to be secretly separated. 

June 27

Nanny Ouzounian flies with Affleck back from the Bahamas to Los Angeles sans wife and kids ... with a wee detour through Las Vegas for a poker tournament. Let me guess: "You're my lucky charm, Chrissy!" They pick up Tom Brady along the way.

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June 29

Ben returns to his family in the Bahamas.

June 30

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announce their divorce.

July 1

The public still does not know about Ouzounian. But here's what was going on according to Hollywood Life: Jen is furious when she finds out Ouzounian joined that side trip to Vegas. She fires the nanny -- and Ben just lets her, can you believe? Evidently Ouzounian was not a woman worth fighting over. Outraged, the ex-nanny is now considering suing for wrongful termination, according to Hollywood Life's source.

But what she really wants is Ben. "Christine would rather be Ben’s girlfriend than nanny. She has strong feelings for him and wishes he wanted a relationship," a friend of hers tells the tabloid. 

July 17

We still haven't been introduced to Ouzounian, but the trap is being set. Our lady Poppins is photographed by paparazzi delivering champagne to Ben Affleck at his Los Angeles rental home. A source later tells ET Ouzounian was the one who tipped off the paps.

The champagne was probably her idea to make it look like they were celebrating the divorce together, and Ben was all, "um... okay, thanks?"

Tabloids sit on the photos for nearly two weeks.

July 29

Us magazine breaks the story that Affleck has been dating Ouzounian "according to multiple sources." A friend of hers claims the two hung out without the kids and were "flirty," texting and emailing each other even after the divorce announcement. "She says Ben really, really likes her," the source told Us. "She's saying this is true love." 

Affleck, though a spokesperson, denies, denies, denies: "All allegations of a romantic relationship are baseless and untrue."

The New York Post shares a photo from Ouzounian's private Instagram account of the nanny in a private jet wearing Brady's four Superbowl rings and a Cheshire cat's grin.

Ouzounian sees her name in headlines and literally gets high from the visual stimulation. There's no stopping her now!

July 29 

Ouzounian checks into the Hotel Bel-Air amid rumors of her affair with Affleck. Her room is estimated to cost $1,500 a night and she helps herself to about $500 of services at the spa. Throw in food and a six-day staycation is estimated to ring it at $12,100 and counting. She's rumored to still be there today.

A source tells Us that Affleck is footing the bill for her new lavish lifestyle. But a friend of Ben's tells them he "did not cover the Bel-Air bill. You would not find his credit card there, plain and simple." Of course not. Me thinks that stay is courtesy of Ouzounian's tabloid payola.

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A friend of Ouzounian's claims the two are in constant contact and that he totally trusts her.

Yeah, I can see how Affleck would trust a woman who appears to be fabricating an elaborate affair narrative to sell to the tabloids and milk the whole thing for as long as she possibly can.

August 10

On her private Instagram account Ouzounian posts a paparazzi photo of herself leaving her home. She captions it, "'She's just a girl and she's on fire' -- Alicia Keys." Yup, but how long before she burns out? (Please say by September.)

August 12

Christine Ouzounian shows off her new $43,000 white Lexus IS Convertible all over Los Angeles, long hair whipping in the breeze. ET caught an Instagram photo Ouzounian posted, captioned "Keep calm and meet my new drop top Lexi." WHO PAID FOR IT??? Eyes turned suspiciously to Affleck, who also owns a Lexus, which his former nanny had been seen driving the night of the champagne delivery.

Ouzounian is also seen sipping a basic white and laughing with friends over brunch at the posh Beverly Hills Il Postaio. Hahahaha! Ah, life!

August 13

Sources close to Affleck tell TMZ in no uncertain terms that Ben Affleck is not funding Ouzounian's lavish lifestyle. They also say the two were not alone on that trip to Vegas and that, P.S. he is not even in contact with her anymore.

Just to drive the point home Affleck's sources also tell People that he did not buy Ouzounian's car and is so not talking to her right now. "They are not in communication. They are not talking."

So what do you think? Did anything at all happen between Affleck and Ouzounian? Maybe they flirted a little too much and she took it all too seriously. Maybe they had a one-night stand. The former nanny has been so brazen it makes you wonder if she's got something on Affleck. But then, her efforts to frame Affleck have been so obvious I suspect whatever dirt she has isn't that substantial.

At any rate, it sure looks like she's milking her 15 minutes of fame for all it's worth -- and more.

Somewhere at a poker table, a regret-filled movie star swirls a tumbler of whisky, Modern Jazz Quartet's "Tears From the Children" playing on repeat through his headphones. He signals wearily to the croupier.


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