Only Salma Hayek Can Make Eating Fried Worms & Frog Legs Look Hot (VIDEO)

salma hayekWarning: You may not ever want to have dinner at Salma Hayek's house after watching this video, in which the 48-year-old actress proves that she will, literally, eat "just about anything." It was all part of a Watch What Happens Live segment called "Will Salma Eat It?!" (The answer: YES.)


In the segment, host Andy Cohen and guest Craig Robinson gave the gastronomically easygoing Hayek a series of different (bizarre) things to eat, clearly hoping that the star would get grossed out enough at some point to throw a fit and refuse -- but nope. Didn't happen. Because Salma Hayek is clearly the easiest person to feed in the entire world. Like, here's just a partial list of foods she wolfs down in this clip without batting an eye (or messing up her impeccable red lipstick): Frog's legs. Stir-fried silkworms. A jalapeño (well, that one's not so bad). The only food that gave Hayek any pause at all, in fact, was gefilte fish -- even though she did eventually try a tiny bit.

"It's kind of like SPAM for Jews," Cohen explained.

"I'll stick to the worms," said Hayek.

Yikes, that's a tough call right there. Gefilte fish isn't my fave, but worms?! Then again, it seemed like Hayek was familiar with the worms (not so much the gefilte fish). Check it out:

How awesome is she?? I seriously want to hang with this woman. She's so badass. Especially when women are typically encouraged to be dainty and picky and only subsist on kale shakes and organic air. Hayek's all, More spray cheese! Love. Her.

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Although not totally sure what to make of her violent hatred of onions. What's up with that, Salma?


Image via WWHL Clubhouse!/YouTube

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