Kate Middleton Isn't Happy That Secrets About Her Home Life Are Getting Back to Queen Elizabeth

kate middletonLooks like someone is a bit paranoid! According to reports, Kate Middleton is worried that there's a snitch on her royal staff -- and from the sound of things, she might be right!


After reports surfaced that the duchess took pole dancing classes, Kate is fairly certain that someone is spilling her secrets to both the media and to Queen Elizabeth. Among these secrets? That the duchess suffered from postpartum depression and wasn't doing as well as she led on, and her desire for a third child (and Prince William's hesitation).

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Supposedly, a good chunk of these secrets were spilled to the tabloids by former bodyguards, but Kate is still concerned that someone who works closely with her is running back to Queen Elizabeth to share the duchess's most intimate details. Not cool. It has to be a truly horrible feeling, worrying about being watched 24:7.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry is also reporting that all of Carole Middleton's activity is being reported back to the Queen, as well -- and the Queen is none too pleased with what she's hearing. Carole evidently is the one who pushed for staff and royalty to all be on a first-name basis -- a notion Queen Elizabeth disagrees with. 

Hopefully this simply is nothing but a bunch of gossip and Kate really does feel comfy in her own home. But, if it's not, it's probably time for a staff overhaul. If the duchess can't be herself under her own roof, where can she?


Image via Splash News

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