Christina Aguilera's Nearly Naked Selfie Raises a Lot of Questions

Following along the naked selfie trend, Christina Aguilera posted a photo to Instagram wearing nothing but a pair of hot pink skivvies and a leopard-print hat.


Sure, she looks amazing and after having a baby just one year ago her figure is an inspiration to many new moms, but why the need to get nekkid?

I mean, it's not like we haven't seen Christina in next to nothing before, but much like her celebrity nude-selfie-taking counterparts, she seems to feel the need to post her own body shots now.

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To each her own, and if showing off her toned physique makes the singer happy, good for her, but if she thinks it's bringing her fans closer to her, I'm just not buying it.

In the post she says she wants to get more personal with her followers and warns, "This is just the beginning." I can't begin to imagine what she'll post next if this is the start of Christina getting candid.

I'm really not trying to be a hater, she looks incredible and can show off her body however she wants, the impetus just feels a bit too attention-seeking to me.


Image via Splash News

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