Prince Harry's New Beard Makes Him More Dashing Than Ever (PHOTOS)

Prince Harry beardIn our opinion, there's one royal darling who never fails to melt our hearts. No, not Prince George. It's his adorable uncle we're talking about. The handsome redheaded Prince Harry was spotted sporting a beard and we think he looks better than ever -- if that's even possible!


As if his good looks and proud lineage weren't enough, Harry was visiting with the team from African Conservation Experience's Khulula Care for Wild, who tend to endangered animals. (He cares about wildlife!! Swoon!) Take a look:

Now, we know not all ladies are fans of the full-on scruffy look, but seriously, it's Harry! Not that he wasn't already hot, what with his military uniform and roguish twinkle in his eye, but this takes him to a new level!

We can't help but wonder if George and Charlotte will recognize their dashing uncle when he returns from his charitable adventures. And what must the Queen be thinking?

Venturing through Africa in the heat of August seems like an odd time to choose to grow a beard. Maybe he lost his royal razor in his travels? Who cares! Harry and his red whiskers look spectacular! 


Images via James Whatling/Splash News

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