Britney Spears Is Just As Excited for Her Guest Spot on 'Jane the Virgin' As We Are

britney spearsIf you had to guess what Britney Spears' favorite TV show is at the moment, what would it be? Don't worry, you don't actually have to guess: It's CW's Jane the Virgin, and Spears apparently loves the show so much they asked her guest star -- playing herself!


Jane creator Jennie Snyder Urman confirmed the guest appearance in a press release, saying:

"We are so thrilled that Rogelio's 'nemesis' -- Britney Spears -- has agreed to appear on Jane The Virgin. Personally, after hearing about their longstanding feud (from Rogelio's point of view), we are eager to hear Ms. Spears' side of the story, which we assume is quite different."

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We're pretty eager to hear that one, too! And knowing that Spears is a fan pretty much guarantees they're going to give her an awesome part to play, even if the network is currently being pretty tight-lipped about the details. Said CW president Mark Pedowitz:

"All I know at this point is, it's one of Britney's favorite shows. We understood that. Jennie and the studio went after Britney once they heard it was one of her favorite shows of all time. To their credit, and to Britney's credit, she decided she'd come do it. I believe she's playing herself."

That last bit is definitely the most interesting part of all! Because we already know Spears is a pro when it comes to making guest appearances -- she nailed her gigs on How I Met Your Mother and Will & Grace -- but the pop star played characters on those shows, not herself. So it's safe to say we can expect some super juicy in-jokes and Spears-centric humor from her Jane the Virgin episode!

Still, at this point everything (besides the simple fact that she's going to be on the fifth episode of the second season) is pretty much pure speculation. So while we wait to hear more, let's all remember how funny Spears was on Will & Grace:

And How I Met Your Mother:

See, the girl's got chops! She's totally at home on the set of a sitcom, which is exactly why we're so psyched to see her on Jane the Virgin.

Here's hoping she plays a super diva-fied version of herself -- because you know the girl can rock an attitude like nobody's business!


Image via © Katy Winn/Corbis

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