Never-Before-Seen Images From Princess Diana's Wedding Are Enchantingly Beautiful

Michele Zipp | Aug 11, 2015 Celebrities
Image: ©RR Auctions

©RR Auctions

Gorgeous photos from the wedding reception of Princess Diana and Prince Charles are being featured at an auction, and while they are expected to fetch quite a pretty penny, fans of the royals can still admire these enchanting pics. The stunning collection from the assistant of British photographer Lord Patrick Lichfield are all candid and behind-the-scenes images of Princess Diana, Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and more. It's the never-before-seen images of Diana that are breathtakingly beautiful. That dress. The veil. The way her bridesmaids are looking at her -- even Queen Elizabeth looked at her admiringly. 

These pictures from "the wedding of the century" (sorry, Will and Kate -- but Diana and Charles did do it better) remind us why the royal family will always stand for nobility, grace, and honor. Naturally, there was the pomp and circumstance that accompanies any royal event, but it was oh, so beautiful. 

The Remarkable Rarities live auction of these photographs will be held on September 24 at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Check out the beautiful photographs and take a walk down memory lane to a simpler time for the royal family. These pictures are sure to charm any wedding lover! 

  • Charles and Diana on the balcony.


    Credit ©RR Auctions

    That long veil is stunning. She was such a lovely Princess. Here, Princess Diana and Prince Charles are on the balcony overlooking their adoring fans on the Mall. 

  • The Princess and her bridesmaids.


    Credit ©RR Auctions

    Princess Diana is seen her with Clementine Hambro, her youngest bridesmaid who was 5-years-old at the time.

  • The Queen looking on.

    RR Auctions

    I love seeing Diana with children. She was so lovely with them -- and obviously went on to become an incredibly loving mom.

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  • Royal reception.


    Credit ©RR Auctions

    The flowers were also stunning.

  • Gorgeous dresses.


    Credit ©RR Auctions

    It's quite lovely to see Princess Diana in never-before-seen photos. Those dresses all flow beautifully when walking.

  • Doting Diana.

    RR Auctions

    Simply gorgeous.

  • From The Throne Room.


    Credit ©RR Auctions

    Princess Diana's dress designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel arrange the train in preparation for the formal photographs in The Throne Room.

  • More Princesses.


    Credit ©RR Auctions

    Here, we get a lovely view of Princess Michael of Kent's hat.

  • The Queen monitoring the crowd.


    Image via ©RR Auctions

    The Queen is seen here looking a the crowd that has gathered outside the royal reception. Everyone wanted a glimpse of the new Princess.

  • An outpouring of love.


    Image via ©RR Auctions

    This TV is surely a sign of the times. And even though so much time has passed and life has changed, the love for Princess Diana is still very much there -- she lives on in her family and the hearts of her admirers. 


  • The Prince and Princess with the Royal family.


    Image via ©RR Auctions

    As Prince Charles and Princess Diana settled in The Throne Room to take their photos, members of the Royal Family also gathered. Mark Philips, Prince Andrew, Earl Spencer, the Duke and Duchess of York, and Baroness Fellows were all there.

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