Kate Middleton & Prince William's Already Packed Schedule Is About to Get a Whole Lot Busier

kate middleton, prince williamCould Kate Middleton be influencing her husband Prince William when it comes to which issues he'll be focusing on as he takes on still more royal responsibilities? Because word has it William will be making the mental health care of his people a priority -- a cause dear to Kate's heart!


Kate and William already have quite a lot going on in their lives, but apparently the prince has started to think about what he's going to focus on once he's completed his duties at the Air Ambulance (he's committed for two years), and mental health is one of the areas he's interested in. Kate, meanwhile, has already been making strides in children's mental health as the patron of Place2Be, a charity providing "emotional support" to schoolchildren. But it's William's past struggles -- namely the loss of his mom, Princess Diana, at age 15 -- that have inspired him to want to help suffering kids. According to People, he's already "made a number of secret visits to young people who are struggling to cope in an attempt to discover more about the issues they face and what he can do to help."

“When he spends time with them he finds that, partly based on his own experiences, he is able to connect deeply with them and help have a positive impact,” said a royal aide.

"Mental well-being is an area which both the duke and duchess and Prince Harry are interested in." 

"It is an area which the duke is starting to explore as to whether he can help in any way in that sector, while recognizing that there are an awful lot of people doing a lot of great work around it already. So it is quite exploratory at the moment." 

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William is reportedly especially concerned with helping kids coping with depression, breakdowns, cyberbullying and homophobic bullying. Good for him! Those kids are definitely in need of help, and anything William and Kate can do to point more resources in their direction will only serve to amplify efforts already being made. And in addition to William's personal history, perhaps their role as parents has also served as motivation for the couple to reach out to hurting kids. After all, there's nothing like having children of your own to make a person more aware and concerned with youth in general.

But dang -- talk about a busy couple! Good thing Kate and William know how to make time for fun, too. (Scuba diving trip, anyone?)


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