Rob Kardashian Shares What Might Be His Most Bizarre Instagram Posts Yet

rob kardashianRob Kardashian is back on social media! After breaking his Instagram silence with a (rather random) photo of himself eating a pulled pork sandwich a few weeks ago, Rob took to Instagram on sister Kylie Jenner's birthday -- only it wasn't to wish his sibling a happy birthday. 


On Monday night, after all of his sisters wished Kylie a happy birthday on Instagram, Rob got to posting, as well. His message? He's all about Paul Newman's salad dressing and he loves Miami Vice.

Confused? You should be. 

Rob's first Instagram was a close-up photo of a Newman's Own product -- not sure which one, but kind of looks like salad dressing -- along with a bunch of lemon emojis and "RIP." Not sure if Rob is talking about Paul Newman himself, who died in 2008, or a product from the actor's line that's been discontinued.

����� RIP

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

And if that wasn't strange enough for his followers, Rob then posted a photo of Colin Farrell and Li Gong from a speedboat chase scene in Miami Vice. He captioned the photo, "Mood." 

MOOD ð��¤ð��¤ð��¤ð��¤â�¼ï¸ï¿½

A photo posted by ROBERT KARDASHIAN (@robkardashian) on

Oh. Okay. 

To say these posts are odd is an understatement -- especially given the fact that he posted them on his sister's birthday when everyone else was sending her good wishes and love. 

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Personally, I quite like these random Instagram posts from Rob, but they are slightly concerning. They're certainly entertaining, but they don't make much sense. Hopefully, he'll clarify things with a post that's a little more, um, coherent soon.

Hope you're doing okay, Rob! We all miss you and would love to see you out and about. But, if you just want to hang at home at watch Miami Vice with a heavily dressed salad, we totally get it. Everyone feels that way sometimes. 


Image via robkardashian/Instagram

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