Caitlyn Jenner Bares More Skin Than Ever In Sexy White Bathing Suit (VIDEO)

One of the last physical hurdles Caitlyn Jenner felt she had to overcome before accepting her body after transitioning to a woman was being comfortable enough to hang around the pool wearing fewer articles of clothing. After stressing out about it, she took the plunge — Caitlyn wore a white swimsuit and looked stunning.


The 65-year-old former Olympian recently revealed that she felt a great deal of anxiety exposing her body in a swimsuit and that it was more or less the one big step she wasn't ready to take. While filming I Am Cait, Caitlyn invited a group of friends over — most or all of whom are also transgender.

Her guests were more than happy to splash around in her pool and hot tub while she and her friend Jen Richards rummaged through a collection of bathing suits to decide which one she should wear.

The pressure was obviously on.

I almost died when Caitlyn pulled out a black one-piece and said, "I love my daughter to death -- Kimberly -- but this is kind of one Kimberly would wear, do you know what I'm saying? It's probably a little more revealing in the cleavage department."

I had to stop and think for a second: Who in the hell is Kimberly? Oh, you mean Kim Kardashian?! Don't say another word about it, Caitlyn, we understand.

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Some may be wondering, just what is the big deal about wearing a swimsuit? Caitlyn explains: "Putting on that bathing suit represents a lot to me. It's kind of scary because, you know, you're really exposing yourself. I'm about as nervous as can possibly be right now."

She ultimately chooses a stunning white one-piece swimsuit — check out the photos here — and it looks great on her.

I'm imagining it's going to take a long time before Caitlyn feels 100 percent comfortable within her own skin, but given her strong support system, she'll get there.

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