Meghan King Edmonds May Be the Most Misguided Real Housewife of All Time

The Real Housewives of Orange County trip to Moorea took its inevitable dramatic turn on Monday night's episode with wives clashing and barbs thrown, but somehow, despite the fact that the series has been on the air for 10 seasons, newcomer Meghan King Edmonds seemed shocked to discover the women had all been talking about her.


On a scuba diving expedition, Meghan found herself facing some one-on-one time with Tamra Judge, and that's never a good sign. Always at the ready to throw someone under the bus, Tamra filled the newly-married 30-year-old in on what was being said about her behind her back.

Why am I always the topic of conversation for these women? What else did they say about me last night?

Woman, have you never seen an episode of this show? They always attack the newest and the youngest! They've already aired their dirty laundry, now they want to throw yours out into the world!

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Later in the episode Tamra goes on to openly discuss what she, Shannon Beador, and Vicki Gunvalson had said about Meghan during a group dinner. While Vicki and Tamra stepped away from the conversation, Shannon attempted to let Meghan know (since she apparently has never seen the show once) that Tamra is a "pot stirrer" and she should tread lightly.

In a completely misguided move Meghan says she appreciates Tamra's honesty and it's Shannon who has the problem.

Meghan is Team Tamra? That's mistake that will only lead to heartache, my friend.

Can Andy Cohen please send her all RHOC episodes dating back to 2006? She needs a crash course in Housewives troublemakers STAT.

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