50 Photos of Prince George Looking Like a Very Mischievous Little Royal

Meredith Gordon | Mar 15, 2019 Celebrities
Image: YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images

Prince George
YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images

Prince George may be third in line to the British throne, as well as one of the most photographed children in the world, but he's also one of the most wonderfully mischievous little tykes around. It's true. We're not kidding! And we absolutely know this because little George never ever lets a few hundred cameras and a few million viewers get in the way of having a good time. Don't believe us? Well, we've rounded up photographic evidence. 

Don't let tiny Prince George's neatly combed side part and those smart short pants deceive you. The blond-haired, brown-eyed cutie is on a mission to have all the fun -- while he "works." 

He's curious, he's analytical, he's adventurous, and he's not easily impressed. George is certainly taking it all in on his own terms, letting nothing stand in his way. It's been amazing watching him grow and come into his own. Although some royals are known for being boring, stuffy, and uptight, Prince George is not that guy. Instead, he is well on his way to being the life of the party (move over, Prince Harry!). 

Not sure there's ever been a tiny royal wonder quite like this one. Just look at that grin! We love seeing all these adorable photos of Prince George not taking his royal business too seriously. And just think, any of these pictures could be on a commemorative plate one day! 

  • No, This Way!

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    As the royal family walks into Princess Charlotte's christening, George is clearly more interested in what's over there. What is over there, George?

  • Um, Hello!

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    While the Duchess of Cambridge discusses important business with the officiants of Princess Charlotte's christening, George has other business to attend to -- he's trying to make his sister laugh! 

  • Hey Mom, I Gotta Go!

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    While watching a polo match, George squatted down in a position every toddler's mother knows all too well. 

  • Wheee!

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    At just 2 years old, Prince George already knows the first rule of being a kid: "Just because one has a nice outfit on, doesn't mean one shouldn't destroy it by sliding down a hill!" 

  • Let's Moon the Crowd!

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    Even though George is watching a serious royal procession, he looks like he's getting ready to moon the crowd. His parents would be so proud!

  • Pull My Finger!

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    Prince George doesn't let royal pomp and circumstance get in his way. He just sees an opportunity to get his grandpa to fall for the old "Pull my finger!" trick. Stand back.

  • I'm Still Cuter

    Tony Clark /Splash News

    George may look like the doting big brother as he visits Charlotte for the first time, but chances are he's already thinking of ways to get her to do his chores for him. That is, if future kings have any chores.

  • There Once Was a Prince From Nantucket

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    Prince George looks like he's ready to tell a seriously funny joke. He can barely hold it in as he sits for a photo shoot at Buckingham Palace.

  • Gimme That!

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    Prince George may be a royal, but at heart he's just like any other boy. He never met anything he wasn't dying to destroy.

  • I Wanna Play

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    It's hard to keep an active toddler still, especially when he thinks he can play polo as well as his dad. 

  • Can I Have It?

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    Prince George may be too young for polo, but he's not too young to get his hands on a mallet that isn't his.

  • Hanging Around

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    Just because he gets to go to Australia doesn't mean George likes it. 

  • Snooze

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    Prince George has clearly had enough talk about politics. He's over it!

  • Honey Bunny Awaits

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    George is all ears wanting to play with this cute furry friend.

  • Snack Time!

    James Whatling/Splash News

    Prince George is either teething or hungry. Either way, he's ready to eat that toy. 

  • It's a Hairy Situation

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    Good to know that Kate isn't exempt from getting her hair pulled by her kid. 

  • In His Own World

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    The Trouping the Color may be kind of a big deal, but clearly George DGAF.

  • One Moment, Please

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    Daddy is ready to go, but George appears to be caught up in the moment.

  • Not Having It

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    Even royal kids reach a point where they've had it up to here with their mom.

  • Not Impressed

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    They may have been on a royal tour of Canada, but George would rather be back home with his toys.

  • Watch Out, Mom!

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    Who else thinks George is about five seconds away from hitting Kate in the head with that balloon?