Justin Bieber Offers to Take Fan to Homecoming (Proves He May Actually Be a Nice Guy)

You might not be a huge fan of Justin Bieber's  -- as it takes more than a little bit of patience to tolerate his behavior -- but it seems he is on the road to redemption. The Biebs recently offered to go to a homecoming dance with a special fan who wanted nothing more than to have the 21-year-old accompany her as her date.


This cute story all started when The Rock took to his social media to show a little love to Lexi, a girl with an undisclosed medial condition. Singing praises of her bravery, The Rock posted a video of himself with Lexi at the gym (where else would he be?) that reveals the two people the homecoming queen-to-be wanted to take to her dance: The Rock and Justin Bieber.

When asked who's better, Lexi had no issue saying Bieber.

Damn you Bieber! #SheClearlyDidntGetTheMemo #PricelessMoment ��

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Personally, I think Dwayne "Hottie With a Body" Johnson is the better answer, but whatever. Justin is cute, but Dwayne is ... wow.

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Back to the story.

Within minutes of The Rock's sharing his video on Twitter, Bieber replied, "When is the dance?"

Unfortunately it looks like his chance of taking Lexi has come and gone (homecoming already happened), but at least he seemed willing to oblige.

Call me cheesy but I love hearing heartwarming stories like this. Yes, some celebs do use it as an opportunity for free publicity, but I'd like to believe some have a heart they're not afraid to use. Who knows the person Lexi chose to take with her to the dance, but boy did he have some steep competition. Even if you hate the Biebs with every bone in your body, you have to admit it would be a pretty sweet memory to strut into the dance with a celebrity on your arm. Lord knows it would've made mine more interesting.

Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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