Jim Bob Duggar Won’t Let Amy Have the Kind of Wedding She Really Wants

Since the debut of 19 Kids and Counting, the Duggars have been famous for their hugely elaborate weddings. So when Amy Duggar admitted that she wanted an easy courthouse wedding with her fiancé Dillon King, it's not that surprising that Jim Bob shut that idea down quickly.


Not surprising, sure, but still kind of annoying. It's Amy's wedding, so she shouldn't have to cater to anyone's wants or needs except Dillon's and her own ... right??

That's how it'd work in an ideal world, but weddings rarely pan out that way these days. It's hard to ignore what your family wants, especially with a family as big and influential as the Duggars'. 

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Here's what Amy said about Jim Bob and her mother, Deanna:

Uncle Jim Bob is more traditional than I am and he was just like, 'Now Amy, a wedding is all about family and friends and coming together' ... I'm an only child so my mom was like 'You have to have a wedding, I have to cry at your wedding. It's a thing!'

As true as that is, if a big wedding is something you really don't want, then it's something you shouldn't have. But as "rebellious" as Amy is, she obviously still loves her family and wants to make them happy, too.

So maybe we will get another big Duggar wedding celebration -- either way, we're sure we'll hear when they decide.


Image via amyduggar/Instagram

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