Caitlyn Jenner Faces Her Biggest Fear & Totally Owns It

Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner has been one brave lady this year -- between coming out as transgender and transitioning, she's tackled all kinds of major milestones. And on this week's episode of I Am Cait, Caitlyn got super real about the scary things in her new life. 


This week's episode featured a continuation of last week's road trip, and now that Caitlyn's finally getting the chance to hang out with other trans women, she seems more comfortable and happier than ever. So happy, in fact, that she was finally able to wear a bathing suit for the first time: a white one-piece she donned while sitting by the pool with her new friends. 

"I did see my reflection in the glass door, and... I looked pretty good," she proudly admitted. 

Way to go, Cait! Hanging out in a bathing suit around your closest friends is something that all women should be comfortable doing, and it's awesome to see that she's able to enjoy life in the body she was always meant to have. 

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But the big, emotional moment of the episode? When she confessed to her friends at the end of the trip the huge difference they've made in her life.

She said: 

Months, months, and months ago, I thought about doing this show, and I thought, how could I do a show that's gonna make a difference in the world? And I had all these ideas, all these things, and I'm struggling with it and I'm thinking about my family and struggling with all this stuff, and to see the things you have gone through in your life and being so honest about this, I so appreciate all your input. It's just been great.

It's obvious that being around these women really has made her journey easier, and I love that she has this kind of support system. Cait, can I come hang out with you and your friends? They seem amazing. 


Image via caitlynjenner/Instagram
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