Gwen Stefani Spotted Without Wedding Ring for First Time Since Split from Gavin Rossdale (PHOTOS)

gwen stefaniAnd just like that: Gwen Stefani's wedding ring has vanished. While Stefani and Gavin Rossdale announced their divorce last week, Stefani was spotted wearing her wedding ring as recently as Friday -- but this weekend, Gwen's ring was conspicuously gone. (For good, it would seem.)


The ring's absence was first noted on Saturday morning, when Stefani was photographed leaving a doctor's appointment at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Except she was clearly trying to be all stealth about her newly ringless status, because she was hiding her hands in the sleeves of her flannel shirt the whole time:

gwen stefani

Close-up shots, however, revealed the truth about her naked finger. 

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Then, after that, Stefani was snapped taking her kids to church (also in L.A.), and it was obvious at that point that the ring was gone:

gwen stefani

Also obvious: Gwen Stefani's definition of "Sunday best" is way, way different than most other people's. 

Anyway, in a week of disappearing/reappearing celebrity wedding rings, this seems a somewhat unavoidable development. And I guess it's safe to say that Stefani and Rossdale are handling things slightly differently than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner (who apparently put their rings back ON to hang out with the kids). But you know what they say about celebrity divorces: They're kind of like snowflakes -- no two are exactly alike. Okay, fine, that's true of divorces in general, I suppose. Point is, there are no hard and fast rules as to when the ring has to come off -- and if Gwen feels better without hers right now, then good for her. 

Besides, it's not like she's hard up for accessories! No doubt (ha!) she has plenty of jewelry to take her wedding ring's place. 


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