Miley Cyrus Thinks She's a Better Role Model Than Taylor Swift (And She's Right)

miley cyrusKaty Perry isn't the only pop star to have some serious issues with Taylor Swift: Now Miley Cyrus is publicly calling out Swift for the "violence revenge" theme of her "Bad Blood" video (even if the song isn't about Cyrus, as it turns out). 


In the September issue of Marie Claire, Cyrus sounds off on how Swift's pop princess persona seems to make the vengeful, woman-on-woman violence portrayed in the "Bad Blood" video somehow acceptable, while her own proclivity for public nudity is viewed as morally wrong.

“I don’t get the violence revenge thing,” she said. “That’s supposed to be a good example? And I’m a bad role model because I’m running around with my titties out? I’m not sure how titties are worse than guns.”

Truth, Miley. Say what you will about the 22-year-old (who's slated to host the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards), her commitment to calling out bullsh*t where she sees it is definitely admirable. And she makes an excellent point: Why is violence more acceptable in our society than nudity? Then there's the ongoing double standard problem in the entertainment industry (and every industry). Cyrus has something to say about that in her interview, too: 

“There is so much sexism, ageism, you name it,” she said. “Kendrick Lamar sings about LSD and he’s cool. I do it and I’m a druggie whore.”

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She's right -- it's incredibly unfair. That said, she doesn't “really stress too much” about whether or not people think she's a "druggie whore." 

“There’s nothing left to catch me doing,” she told the magazine. “You want to hack my e-mail so you can find my nude pictures? I’ll just f**king put them up.”

I don't know about you, but I'm sort of loving Miley Cyrus more and more by the minute here. Miley Cyrus = DGAF, in the best possible way. If only more people would follow suit. The question remains, however -- how will this Cyrus/Swift feud pan out at the VMAs? Things could get pretty weird (especially if Katy Perry shows up, too). Maybe Perry and Cyrus can team up against Swift -- hell, maybe Kanye can even lend a little support! 



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