Mark Wahlberg's Wife Tweets What All Hollywood Wives Are Probably Thinking About That Nanny Problem

Most celebs are keeping mum on those rumors that Ben Affleck and Gavin Rossdale messed around with their kids' nannies. But not Mark Wahlbert's wife! Rhea tweeted her two cents on husband-snatching nannies and oh mama, ain't nobody gonna like what she said.


Rhea sounds like she was trying to play fair and see things from everyone's perspective. But she may end up putting nannies and recently split couples like Ben and Jen on the defensive with this one.

Nannies are like, "Thank you-- HEY!" 

That bit about nannying the husbands is funny, you have to admit. But when you pull back and think about it, Rhea is still playing into that cliché of evil nannies trying to steal away unsuspecting, dumb, bumbling men away from their wives. Not that that never happens. I mean ... Aw geez, maybe she's right?

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Does Rhea have some experience with this problem? Given that little jab, you have to wonder if there was that one little vixen who lingered around Mark Wahlberg just a little too closely. (He's a devout family man, so he would NEVER!) Or if it's happened to any of Rhea's friends. 

You know she's just saying out loud what all Hollywood wives are thinking.

But what do dads think about this phenomenon? I would love to hear that side of the story! I know one dad who's had a series of Swedish au pairs and claims it's not as sexy as it sounds. But then, he's not a movie star, so ...


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