Kate Middleton's Third Baby Might Arrive Sooner Than We Expected

kate middleton, prince williamNever mind the fact that there are probably still leftovers from Princess Charlotte's christening party in the royal fridge: Royal watchers are betting that Kate Middleton will be popping out baby #3 in the next two years -- and when I say betting, I mean that literally!


Sure, Kate Middleton and Prince William already have two kids in diapers, but people who spend all day thinking about this kind of thing are apparently convinced that the couple wants another baby, and don't have time to waste:

According to one "insider" claim:  

"Kate is one of three and is very close to her sister Pippa and brother James. Although the Cambridges already have a boy and a girl they haven’t definitely decided to stop there. They both benefited from growing up with siblings who were close in age. Of course Charlotte is still only a baby but in a year’s time, who knows?"

Sure, who knows? Not me, but such U.K. betting sites as Coral and William Hill are actually offering odds on the timing of the next potential blessed event for the royal family. Coral is offering odds of 6/4 on baby #3 arriving in 2016, and 2/1 on 2017, while William Hill is offering 5/2 odds on a 2016 baby and 2/1 on 2017. 

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Um, who knew people even bet on this kind of thing in any sort of official capacity? I could see some informal wagers around the water cooler, but actually putting your credit card money into an online form to place a bet on when (and if) a couple you've never met is going to have a baby? Seems sort of, um, INSANE to me, but whatever. I've only ever bet on horses, what do I know?

Either way, there are plenty of complicating factors to consider. There's Kate's age, for one thing (she's 33, which isn't remotely old, but she still might be wanting to expedite the childbearing process at this point in the game). On the other end of the spectrum is Kate's history of difficult pregnancies (she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness, with both George and Charlotte). That would seem to put the odds NOT in favor of a third baby -- hey, they've already got one of each gender! -- but again, what do I know?

I know somebody's gonna cash in on the next royal birth, one way or another!


Image via Ian Vogler/NMA-Pool/Splash News

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