20 Pregnant Actresses Who Tried to Hide Their Oh-So-Obvious Bumps On Screen (PHOTOS)

20 Pregnant Actresses Who Tried to Hide Their Oh-So-Obvious Bumps On Screen (PHOTOS)

There are times when the news that an actress is preggers fits right into her character's storyline -- then there are times when it just doesn't. Try as they do to hide it, suddenly they look like they swallowed a basketball (or the whole team). Whether she's announced her pregnancy publicly or not, you just know she's got a bun in the oven.

Not everyone gains a tidy 25 pounds while pregnant, either, so out come the oversized coats, bags and large-scale pieces of furniture. Here are 20 actresses who were obviously pregnant when playing non-pregnant roles. Hats off just for showing up to work, ladies!  


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  • Kelly Rutherford


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    Haute couture can only do so much, and it turns out that hiding a pregnancy is not included. Though Rutherford looked amazing on Gossip Girl's season three thanks to coats, scarves and purses, it became tougher to camouflage the farther along she got. Her baby bump played plenty of peekaboo.

  • Debra Messing


    Image via ABC

    Messing was very pregnant during season six of Will and Grace, and though Grace was married by then, the show decided against expanding her family. Given that the actress is incredibly thin, it was more than obvious, especially in the episode where she wore this yellow sundress. 

  • Amy Poehler


    Image via NBC

    Funny lady Poehler got pregnant near the end of season two of Parks and Recreation, and producers decided to film season three's first six episodes immediately, before Poehler became noticably bigger. Apparently the cast and crew were fried from working straight into the next season, and the props used to hide Poehler's belly became increasingly stranger (check out this time capsule). 

  • Kerry Washington


    Image via ABC

    The clothes remained fabulous but underneath, Washington's shape was clearly changing daily. With pregnancy out of the question for her Scandal character, Olivia (though she was juggling two studs), showrunners positioned her behind a distracting number of objects, including lamps, a statue of an eagle on Fitz's desk, and Fitz's own knee.

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  • Jane Leeves


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    Leeves worked through two pregnancies on Frasier (delivering her second child one day after shooting an episode). But the most memorable was her first, which came just after her character, Daphne, married Niles. Too soon for a baby, writers gave Daphne an anxiety-related weight problem and handed Leeves a fat suit. The plotline was an instant classic, no less so because fans knew Leeves' puffy face meant she was with child.


  • January Jones


    Image via Michael Yarish/AMC

    Another pregnancy, another fat suit. Jones' belly was concealed under layers of faux fat while playing Betty on Mad Men. They blamed the extra pounds on her second marriage. Poor Betty!

  • Alyson Hannigan


    Image via CBS

    On season four of How I Met Your Mother, producers had a little fun with Hannigan's tummy. Her character, Lily, won an eating contest, then proudly stood up to show off her "full" belly.

  • Penelope Cruz


    Image via Walt Disney Pictures

    This Spanish beauty was six months pregnant towards the end of filming Pirates of the Caribbean, so her sister, Monica, filled in as her body double during swordfights. But despite a corset placed over her belly, Cruz was still unmistakeably preggers, down to the waddle.

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  • Meg Ryan


    Image via TriStar Pictures

    Even without the long trenchcoat that threatened to swallow Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle, or the billowy white nightgown that screamed maternity, we could tell she was preggers. She just had that glow.

  • Courteney Cox


    Image via YouTube

    When covering up Cox's pregnancy (Monica and Chandler were getting ready to adopt), Friends went from putting her in turtlenecks and belly bands to blazers and scarves to ... oh heck, just wear this cute sundress and let's just ignore the thing.  

  • Amanda Righetti


    Image via CBS

    When a pregnant Righetti went from statuesque to downright voluptuous, producers of The Mentalist virtually stopped showing her body. Instead she was shot from the chest up, positioned behind a briefcase, and carrying a set of file boxes that covered most of her body. The belly may have been out of sight, but it was never out of mind.

  • Alyssa Milano


    Image via ABC

    Milano onced likened working around her pregnancy on Mistresses to doing a Saturday Night Live skit. The size of her purses grew right along with her belly until it was downright obvious.

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  • Jane Krakowski


    Image via Splash News

    Never one to go the conventional route, 30 Rock found creative ways to hide Krakowski's bump. A standout was a dog costume with plenty of room for a belly that was also a great cover for waddling. Krawowski heartily agreed with the decision not to write in her pregnancy, saying that her character, Jenna, would be a horrible mom.

  • Phylicia Rashad


    Image via YouTube

    Filmed before a live studio audience, it's easy to see why efforts to hide Rashad's pregnancy became LOL funny. In one scene, she's tucked in bed, with a thick throw rug covering her body; in another she's on the couch covered by a cushion; in a third she's actually mending a giant teddy bear strategically placed in front of her.  

  • Traylor Howard


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    Playing a personal assistant on Monk has its perks -- hiding a pregnancy behind boxes and files being one of them. But as soon as Howard's character stepped out of the office, all bets were off -- and all eyes were on her midsection.

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